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Roller Coaster of Life

Roller Coaster of Life
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Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Plug for Chiropractors and Acupuncturists

I don’t know what I would do without my wonderful Chiropractor and my gem of an Acupuncturist. I truly feel that I was guided when I chose these two particular individuals to use their very gifted craft to help my body to do it’s own healing.

My Chiropractor .....
Before August of 2005, I never understood the TRUE purpose of chiropractors or the importance of regular maintenance spinal adjustments. I just thought you go to them ONLY when you hurt your back real bad. But was I wrong! I really had an eye opener and an education, as my chiropractor has taken the time to explain to me the workings of the body as it relates to the spine and the multitude of nerves coming from all along the spine and going to all parts of the body. I never realized how important it was to do what we can to ensure and improve the nerve function of our body.

Through our every day activities, we are always moving, bending, turning, stepping wrong, falling, tripping, etc. We never know when this can cause vertebrae and discs to become misaligned and in time irritates the nerves.

If something is out of alignment anywhere along the spine, it can cause stress and irritation to those nerves that are in that area, which in turn messes up the communication of the nervous system with the brain. A free flow of nerve energy from the brain controls the pituitary, pineal, para-thyroid, thyroid, thymus, adrenal, pancreas and sex glands. Each of these glands is dependent upon the others. Just one out-of-order gland disrupts all the rest. The result is physical, mental and emotional problems.

A chiropractor locates the trouble spot, uses gentle adjustments to the back to realign an out of place vertebrae and get it back into its natural position. This then will relieve the pressure and irritation. With the proper nerve supply, the energy flows freely again and any miseries are eliminated by nature’s own healing power.

In regards to DEPRESSION.....because chiropractic adjustments increase energy flow throughout the body, we receive better hormone production. The body can then release it own pain killers, like endorphins…and it gives a little boot to the glands that produce dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine (the neurotransmitters in our brain). Lack of these causes depression.

My Acupuncturist.....
What a skilled and highly knowledgeable gal she is. Little did I realize about August of 2006, that I was going to receive another education, but in the area of acupuncture. I first started going to her to see if she could help me with my chronic leg problems. I have varicose veins real bad and of course that is caused by lack of circulation.

What a totally fascinating field acupuncture is. It is amazing. It is a centuries old Chinese method of bringing balance to the body so that you can achieve and maintain a state of health. Our body is in an ever-changing state of health and illness. It moves from one state to another throughout the day and night. Hormones rise and fall, melatonin waxes and wanes, insulin and blood pressure levels go up and down. When elements in the body are in balance, health is the result. When they are out of balance, dis-ease occurs.

Depending upon your symptoms, the acupuncturist will insert practically pain free, very thin and round tipped needles into one or more of the 361 acu-points located along one or more of the 14 meridians on the body. Each of these needles sends out an electro-chemical message to the brain, that asks your body to respond in a particular way. Acupuncture is a direct means of asking your body to heal itself.

Energy flow through the 14 meridians can become excessive, disturbed, reduced, or even stopped. Poor circulation, illness, and stress are among the many factors that can cause blockage or disruption of this energy flow. When energy flow is interrupted, disease in the form of pain, depression, illness or reduced organ function is the result. Balancing the energy and clearing blockage by way of the acu-points and meridians brings about health and well being, using the body’s own mechanisms to do so.

In regards to DEPRESSION… acupuncture treatments open up the receptor sites for dopamine to enter. Dopamine is the “feel good” hormone. I receive treatments very often because of my chronic leg problems, the torn cartilage in my knee and now for my depression and stress. The last two visits, the treatments were for my stress and depression. My goodness what a difference between the before and after feelings! After the treatment I kind of felt like I was in a sort of la-la-land for awhile. Very, very light and carefree feelings. And without medication! I highly recommend acupuncture treatments for what ails you. Anything you can do to put your body in a position where it can heal itself….that is the natural way.