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Roller Coaster of Life

Roller Coaster of Life
Life's Ups and Downs

Monday, April 28, 2008

My anxiety came out of hiding

! ! !

Gosh.....I thought my anxiety problems had vanished. It has been so long since I have been bothered by it in any large degree. But Sunday in church someone shared a bit of information with me about the health of another person and the possibility of it being contagious. I had recently visited this person but was not aware of her health problem.

Being VERY mindful of MY health and situations that I was having, this bit of information was alarming to me to the point of being obsessed with thinking and worrying about it ..... and boy my mind and emotions immediately began to get worked up into a state of anxiety. It was interesting to me to be able to analyze the change that came over me in a matter of minutes. I had never had the opportunity to consciously delve into my feelings like this before. It certainly was an eye opener for me. How very quickly the mind and emotions can take over a person and distort everything. calm my anxiety, I had to go back to this person who gave me the news and talk further with her and get more facts. This put me at ease and the anxiety began to subside.

Mental and emotional problems....isn't it just wonderful!!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Online tests to determine your personality type

I very recently took two online personality type tests (one was the Jung-Myers-Briggs test) that also determines what percentage introvert/extrovert a person is. It was very informative....and such an eye opener for me to learn so much about myself. It was like everything came together and made sense because it was explained to me how and the reasons why I feel like I do, personality wise.

I discovered and understood for the first time that I really was a dominant introvert (but I don't hate people). No wonder I have depression problems. No wonder I am an introvert......a depressed introvert!! No wonder I love so much alone time. No wonder I struggle socially.

The two websites had tons of information for describing all the areas of personality that was determined by the test.

In case you would like to take the tests, here are the links:

ALSO....I found a website created by Marti Laney....a website FOR and about introverts. Marti is a psychotherapist specializing in introverted clients. She herself is a strong introvert. She has lots of information on her site PLUS there is a forum on her site just for introverts. It is very fascinating and extremely helpful to read the questions and posts from other introverts. I learned so very much in just the little while I spent reading about these peoples lives, feelings, thoughts, problems, discoveries and questions.

Here is the link for Marti’s website:

Thursday, April 17, 2008

What are your most favorite relaxing, peaceful places in town?

When I am depressed, I like to be surrounded by something, or some place that thoroughly gives me joy, great pleasure, and where I can feel totally relaxed and peaceful.

Lately, I have been scouring our town for some of these places. I have made a mental list of MY, now favorite, relaxing areas that I can go to. Here are some of them:

Duck pond by golf course

City Park

Within park, overlooking a trail area

Virgin River

Small waterfall on part of Virgin River

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Exercise ???

Depression takes on many forms and everyone is affected differently. Generally, depression leaves us with not much desire to do anything or go anywhere. So.....that means that we don’t feel like doing any exercise, either. That’s how I feel, anyway.

We all know how important it is to exercise and the many great benefits we gain from it. Exercise alone can lift us up out of our down’d be surprised how much it can be like a magic pill.

I have really been struggling with getting going at some form of exercise. Each day my body has been feeling tighter and stiffer and more achy. I have been really concerned and have tried to get motivated to do something, so that I don’t get worse. I want to lose weight and feel have better health.

So, a couple of days ago....I did something very important for myself....something that would really be an incentive and motivate me to get that exercise. I made a commitment. I went to a gym (Gold’s Gym) near our home and got a membership. You sign a contract for a certain length of time at a certain set amount of money each month. Now I know that I MUST get my moneys worth out of that gym by going all the time....and that is my plan!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Are we harboring guilt and regrets?

Recently, a friend of mine asked me the question: “Do you ever get the feeling of regret for some of the things from your past”. My friend suffers a lot with depression.

This got me thinking. How much of the depression we suffer, stems from issues from our past that have not been dealt with, solved, or had closure to?

We ALL have made mistakes and wrong choices in our life that we regret and wish we could go back and do differently. We realize things that we may not have done right...or things we should have done and didn’t.

I try to make restitution for the situations that warrant it. I ask people’s forgiveness if that is the solution. But above all....above all....I need to forgive MYSELF. I need to stop beating myself up all the time over these issues.

The weight of carrying guilt and regret around for a long time can make us bent over with mental and emotional pain, depression, and self dislike. By taking our burdens to the Lord and asking for his forgiveness, strength, and help to forever, once and for all be able to lay these burdens aside, after we have done all that WE can do.....brings blessed relief and peace.

Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and the wisdom to know the difference.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

It takes a lot of effort sometimes

Having depression causes me not to want to do anything much at all. I have a struggle finding interest in something and my idleness leaves me with too much time to think about my down feelings.

The days I PUSH myself to leave the house and go do something for other people, are the days that I feel much better about myself... and that grey depression cloud lifts a bit.

Just the other day I went to the hospital and visited a friend who had surgery. Then from there I went to a care center and visited another friend who is not doing very well. I was very glad that I came out of myself and made the effort to do that.