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Roller Coaster of Life

Roller Coaster of Life
Life's Ups and Downs

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Soak up the sun and fresh air

Now as the weather begins slowly to get warmer, take advantage of this and get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and Mr. Sun’s warmth. It is extremely good therapy.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Finding life worth living, through the example of others

No persons troubles should be minimized, as we all are unique and we all handle things in a different way with our own strengths. We all have seen people who have made the most of their lives even against tremendous odds.

Meet Nick Vujicic. Watch his following videos...he is an inspiration of hope, faith and courage to all of us. He put me to shame with my whining and complaining:

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Reading therapy...whatever it takes to help us

There are many kinds and types of written material that we can use for reading therapy. Each of us is different with what interests us. But I am sure that we all can find SOMETHING that we enjoy reading...even the comics. I love to read fiction novels.

Here is my list of books that I have read within the last 12 months: Stephenie Meyer
New Moon.....Stephenie Meyer
Eclipse.......Stephenie Meyer
Breaking Dawn....Stephenie Meyer
Midnight Sun (partial draft).....Stephenie Meyer
Don't Cry Wolf......Clair Poulson
A Train To Potevka.....Mike Ramsdell
The Christmas Shoes…Donna VanLiere
The Christmas Blessing….Donna VanLiere
The Christmas Hope….Donna VanLiere
The Christmas Promise….Donna VanLiere
Escape….Carolyn Jessop