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Roller Coaster of Life

Roller Coaster of Life
Life's Ups and Downs

Monday, April 21, 2008

Online tests to determine your personality type

I very recently took two online personality type tests (one was the Jung-Myers-Briggs test) that also determines what percentage introvert/extrovert a person is. It was very informative....and such an eye opener for me to learn so much about myself. It was like everything came together and made sense because it was explained to me how and the reasons why I feel like I do, personality wise.

I discovered and understood for the first time that I really was a dominant introvert (but I don't hate people). No wonder I have depression problems. No wonder I am an introvert......a depressed introvert!! No wonder I love so much alone time. No wonder I struggle socially.

The two websites had tons of information for describing all the areas of personality that was determined by the test.

In case you would like to take the tests, here are the links:

ALSO....I found a website created by Marti Laney....a website FOR and about introverts. Marti is a psychotherapist specializing in introverted clients. She herself is a strong introvert. She has lots of information on her site PLUS there is a forum on her site just for introverts. It is very fascinating and extremely helpful to read the questions and posts from other introverts. I learned so very much in just the little while I spent reading about these peoples lives, feelings, thoughts, problems, discoveries and questions.

Here is the link for Marti’s website: