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Roller Coaster of Life

Roller Coaster of Life
Life's Ups and Downs

Friday, July 25, 2008 life saver

I watch one or more movies each day. I don’t care what others say about watching movies being a waste of time. For me it is my life saver. I can relax, un-stress, totally and fully enjoy, and get thoroughly LOST in a movie. It doesn’t matter what movie it is, I enjoy a lot of types.

I think perhaps the most therapeutic type of movie is a good comedy that makes me laugh till my sides ache. My view point about watching movies as a therapy measure, is that it takes my mind OFF of what is troubling me for awhile so that my mind can relax and calm down and regroup itself. So, movies are for me !

I have started another blog devoted to the movies I have seen. I give the description of each movie and offer my own opinion about it. If you are interested, here is the link to my movie blog: