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Roller Coaster of Life

Roller Coaster of Life
Life's Ups and Downs

Saturday, December 1, 2007

My Depression...and does anyone care, anyway

I am grateful for our much needed has been constantly raining and cloudy for a couple of days...but for a person that has seasonal depression (SAD),lack of sunshine makes a very great difference in how they are feeling. Maybe today because it is such a down day for me, that I have these feelings. After all, when you are depressed, you are only feeling sorry for yourself....right?

But where are some of my so-called friends? I need a true friend….someone who cares about ME. Is it that when others are around people that have depression, that it is not a fun place to be…they would rather be with FUN people?

Where is the TRUE charity? Does it only lie with helping those who have just had surgeries, or are dying from cancer, or have just had a baby? Depression is an illness, too. And for me….just simply finding something that will take my mind off of the sad thoughts for awhile, IS GREAT THERAPY.

Aren’t we, who suffer from depression, just as much in need of help, compassion, and contact from others, as those listed above?

I feel that it would be extremely therapeutic just to receive a phone call often, from a friend, wondering how I am doing. Better yet, it would be great for someone to say to me… “how about getting out and going to the store with me”, or “how about going to a movie”, or “let’s go out for lunch”. NOW THOSE ARE THE TRUE FRIENDS. And God bless them!