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Roller Coaster of Life

Roller Coaster of Life
Life's Ups and Downs

Thursday, January 10, 2008

December is a magnifying glass

Yesterday as I was getting a treatment from my acupuncturist I talked to her about the very difficult December I had (worse than I ever remember), and a lot of other people I know.

She said that yes, December is the month that the sun is at its lowest peak, there is the stress and exhaustion of the extreme busyness that we get caught up in, there is the debt and money problems that is caused by the highly commercialized Christmas, and there is more irritability cause by all of the above. She also said that there are more suicides and murders in December. More people experience depression on this month of the year than with any of the other months.

I heard somewhere lately that Christmas is like looking at your life through a magnifying glass. Everything looms larger. If you are feel even lonelier. If you are feel even sadder. All our problems seem to be suddenly worse...with the effect they have on us.

So what then is the solution to our NEXT December. Do we want a repeat of what we just went through....or do we find a way to change it? For me....I say simplify, simplify, simplify!!!!. And find a way to expose our self to more light, whether by sitting under full spectrum lighting or sitting in the yard on days when Mr. Sun is out. I also just sit in my car on sunny days maybe when the air was a little chilly. I make sure the sun is shinning on me through the windows.